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STUDY IN CANADA GUIDE: What you need to know

Tuition fees: International tuition fees in Canada range between C$8,000 - C20,000, depending on the school and course. Tuition fees for Masters and PhD are generally cheaper than those of bachelors degree and other undergraduate programs; diplomas and certificates inclusive. Check the tuition and other fees of your choice of school and choice or program, and make sure you can afford it, before you begin to apply for admission.

For those applying from Nigeria, you need to have your tuition fees + at least 5 million naira (mainly to run your account). Or have a sponsor with whom you can establish a relationship, and who is willing to stand as your sponsor.

The process of coming to Canada as a student or via any other means is LONG. Prospective students and other class immigrants are advised to start the process at least 9-12 months in advance, to avoid rush. Because you need to leave 3-8 months for visa application if applying from Nigeria.

It is true that Canada is generous with offer of scholarships (funding) to graduate students (I mean research masters and PhD students), however,

There're only very few Canadian Universities that will offer admission to a masters program to applicants with a 2:2 from a Nigerian university. Most Canadian universities require 2:1 and above from Nigerian applicants with prerequisites from Nigerian universities. However, the options for 2:2 graduates are either a graduate certificate or a graduate diploma program. On successful completion, they can then apply to proceed to a masters program, if they wish

Have maths and English, plus 4 other subjects at C5 and above in WAEC/GCE/NECO to stand a high chance of admission into undergraduate programs. Some schools also accept C6.

In most provinces, one can get a part-time job to support oneself. However, it is advisable to have enough money for living expenses, to last you at least some months.

Before or after getting the offer of admission, applicants will decide whether or not to consult us for guidance for visa procurement.

Consultation Fees:
Undergraduate Admissions: C$800
Other admissions: C$1000
Visa Guidance: C$500 (To be paid AFTER the visa has been issued)
Are you interested in studying in Canada? Do you want to consult us as your agent?
  1. 1

    Form Download

    Download the forms and fill them. Download here

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    Email the form to us on

  3. 3


    We will access your eligibility and reply you back on your email.

  4. 4


    Pay the application fees

  5. 5


    Email us your evidence of payment, the forms, your passport data page, and your academic credentials (WAEC and degree results/certificates/transcripts).

  6. 6

    Application Processing

    We will begin the process of application, and help you get your admission.