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How to Sell

For starters, you need to have an account with us in order to able able to post an advert. If you do not already have an account with us, you can Create account" now.

The first thing you'll have to choose is the category you want your ad to go in, and the location you're going to post under. You need to be very careful with these details because you won't be able to change them after you post.

It's important to choose the category right because doing so will get you more exposure. No one will look for a Toyota Camry in the property category, because they'll look in the Motors category instead. There's a category for everything, and it's now that much easier to find. Categories break down into sub-categories, so keep breaking down to be as specific as possible.

The location is equally very important. Because we are a local classified online Market Place, thus people look for local sellers. They want to view the item and pay in person. Posting in your location, as a seller, means that people can come look at the item, and most times this gets you a quicker sale. You can select your location manually using drop-down options.


On the Create Ad page you'll be able to write up a title and description for your ad. You can add photos to help your ad stand out on the listings. You can also add a link to a YouTube video or your website if you want to. The more visual you make it, the more views you'll get.

You can also promote your ad to help you get more exposure. There are three ways you can choose from, and they all have different functions. Make sure you choose the one that's best for you by reading about that they do before you buy them.

You'll need to put a price on the ad as well. Give people the actual price. It's annoying when you ask someone about the price, and they give you a different one to what was actually written on the ad.

What will my ad cost me?

Using NkB Market Place is generally free. Most of the ads on NkB Market Place are free. However, if you choose to promote your ads, you may be charged for it, and the price will depend on what ad promotion method you choose. The best way to know what it's gonna cost you is to create a test ad (without posting it). Your price will be quoted at the bottom of the page.