Hi, We're is an online Forum consisting mainly of an open blog, an online Market Place, and sites for reality shows.

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The BLOG is an open/Public blog or discussion forum where anyone can blog and join ongoing discussions across various topics. The user account provides a personal space that gives the users the feeling of being in control of their personal blogs. Users are in full control of all they post, which includes moderating the comments on their own posts.

The mission is to give people a space for free speech, driven by firm principles of delivering maximum but reasonable freedom of speech, and treating people with respect. Thus, users can post and comment either with their names, chosen pseudonyms, or anonymously. Basically choosing how much of their identities to reveal, or not at all.

The MARKET PLACE is a classified site. Users can post their ads, goods, jobs and services, and interested persons would be able to contact them directly. is generally FREE to use. However, fees are charged for advertisements. Check the Place Adverts page for more details.

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